About Us

In the intricacy commerce world, import goods is consider one of the most specialized area in the international trades. The necessity to have experience and mastery in international commerce laws and statute and also latest changes in rules and regulations in internal trade has become completely specialized activity in this profession.

Powerful negotiation with the aim of taking franchise, is consider the most important elements in the international trades. On the other hand, possibility of consultation, purchasing and inspection , receiving and sending all machinery and equipment connecting to steel, petroleum, and petrochemical industry from all over the world and especially Europe and evaluating them by experts and technical specialists of Danak trade company has become this firm one of the pioneer companies in this area.

Company's giving information ability and with the knowledge and use of latest world's trade laws and regulations result in that merchandise delivery and purchasing cycle, accompany with precise and suitable speed.

Consisting of group of professionals with extensive international academic and professional background in the Steel and Mining industry with an objective of becoming one of the preeminent players in the Caucuses region. A multiple of 75 years of experience in the sector have come together to join hands in a new company to develop the market for the products of finest European and American manufacturers of parts and components for the Steel and Mining Industry. The experience combines marketing, financing and legal knowledge

Our group of professionals have extensive skills and track record in market developments and sales of parts and components such as hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic and hydraulic valves, sensors, industrial filters and various other components necessary for the day to day operation of these heavy industries

We have established DES (Danak Engineering & Services) in Yerevan, Republic of Armenia for the purpose of supplying the full range of products required by local and neighboring countries steel, mining, petrochemical and petroleum companies.
DES has shown flexibility for required terms of payment by manufacturers and suppliers due to its financial strength and the excellent relations it enjoys with banks and financiers in Armenia and the region. It is confident that over a short period of time sufficient credentials will be created with its suppliers.

The Eurasia Custom Union formed between Armenia and the regional countries is a plus for DES which facilitates business in this area and allows the company to enter into additional layers of business without interfering in supplier's existing network.